Beverage Stocktaking

A regular stock-take is a vital part of any successful Beverage outlet. An accurate, detailed stock variance report can quickly highlight and quantify stock shortages. This can protect your business from theft and fraud and any other poor practices which may be having a negative effect on your profitability. 

Our trained experts will provide you with same day reports including stock variance reports, by product, to highlight exactly where losses are.

We will advise on the likely cause of any shortages and what action should be taken to minimize future losses.

Sample Reports 

       Product Variance Report

       Gross Profit Report

       Group Profit Report

       Stock Valuation

Food Stocktaking

The growth of food sales in the Irish Hospitality sector over the past 15 years has meant that it is now more important than ever to have a clear picture of how your kitchen is performing.

A regular, accurate food stocktake can give you more control over your kitchen. Our experts can cost all menu items and highlight GP Margins per dish.


This will allow us to quantify any losses in your kitchen by comparing your expected profit margin against the actual profit margin achieved.

Sample Reports 

       Food Gross Profit

       Food Purchase Summary

       Food Recipe Cost

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